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Why Guardian 

Payment Systems?

Guardian wasn't founded by bankers, huge corporations, or Silicon Valley hotshots. We were founded by small business owners who (after going through 10 processors in a 20-year period) were fed up with "business-as-usual."

Hidden fees, misleading sales tactics, and undisclosed contracts run rampant in the payment systems industry. The reason we exist is to restore trust in a broken industry, prove there is a processor who will honor their word, and put your best interests first.

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What Makes Us Different

No contracts

A handshake still means something to us.

No Leases

We sell all of our equipment at cost. Wanna learn why leases suck?

No Hidden Fees

Everything is clear and easy to understand. 

No Automated Phone Systems

A human is always ready to take your call.

NO Call centers

You get to speak to someone in Amercia.


Cost + pricing keeps it clear and simple.

"I have thoroughly appreciated the responsiveness and intelligence of Guardian! I've never had a credit card processor that was local, and it has made a huge difference. Whenever I have any type of issue, they either answer it over the phone or visit me the same day. You can't get that kind of service elsewhere!"

Becky Horne, Office Manager
J Pauley Toyota
More Testimonials
We've had a great relationship with Guardian at all of the retail stores we own. I will be honest, as many rates as there are on credit card processing, it's hard to make heads or tails of the bill. I have always found Guardian to be honest, straightforward, and super helpful on any questions I had. Guardian has built a solid, reputable business.


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