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Many banks and merchant services providers steer clear of firearms-related businesses for a number of reasons. And the ones who do take on 2A-related merchants label them as "high-risk" clients to justify charging higher rates or granting themselves the authority to suddenly shut down an account because some new guy on their board doesn't like guns.


Guardian is different. 

We don't just accept 2A merchants, we specialize in them. Some people have asked us why we work with 2A companies, and the answer is simple. We believe in what they do. We are a company of hunters, shooters, sportsmen, and military members. We don't treat 2A companies as "high-risk." We understand firearms transactions are some of the most secure transactions that take place.

Dealers, Manufacturers, E-Commerce, Ammo, Accessories, ranges, or anything in between. We are here to help you.

Guardian completely changed our perspective on a credit card processor. Supportive, cooperative, and caring. These three words do not even put into words the amount of time and care that the team at Guardian put in for us. There were several occasions their team was on the phone with us in the middle of the night getting issues taken care of. Not only are they saving us money, but they are also a company you can depend on!

Judd Foster
President, FosTech
In 2013 we were forced away from our credit card processor of many years because they were no longer supporting firearms companies. Through dealing with the biases of a financial institution we realized the need for a competitive, firearms-friendly credit card processing company to partner with. Guardian Payment Systems has worked tirelessly to adapt to our growing business and has found ways to simplify our daily operations while saving us significantly on our monthly fees. The service and support Guardian provides is personal and prompt and we are glad to have such a wonderful relationship with our merchant service provider.

Britainy McMillan 
VP of Operations, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc.
We love Guardian Payments. Not only do we get great rates, outstanding service and a system that works great but we get the personal relationship with the Guardian team that you just don't see in business these days. We sleep easy at night knowing Guardian Payments has our back and that they're a partner we can actually rely on. I would recommend them to anyone.

Mike Dickerman, 
Director of Marketing, Velocity Precision Engineering

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