Anytime, Anywhere 

Every business owner knows that being successful means being adaptable. Consumer habits and trends are always changing and being locked into one way of doing things is a sure way to become irrelevant.


Enter wireless terminals.

Wireless terminals allow you to conduct business on the move. Whether you do trade shows, food trucks, farmers markets, expos, field service businesses like HVAC or plumbing, or any number of other business models, a wireless solution offers the flexibility to take payments from anywhere at any time.


Speaking of field service businesses. 

If you typically take payments for services over the phone or if your field technicians are using an iPad and typing card information into your invoicing software, equipping your team with wireless terminals may allow you to take advantage of the lower interchange prices for card present (face to face) transactions!


Card present transactions not only lower the interchange cost of the transaction, but also help lower chargeback rates and give you better odds of winning any chargebacks that do come through!

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