Virtual Terminals

The Right Choice 

for Many Businesses 

If your business runs MOTO or recurring payments, a virtual terminal may be the right choice for you. Virtual terminals can automate recurring payments saving you time and money.


Save time

If you have repeated customers putting in MOTO, then setting up customer profiles inside a virtual terminal can help cut down on the time it takes your employees to complete an order. Create the profile for the client one time, then any time the client places an order, just pull up the client's profile, type in the amount and hit submit. No more waiting on clients to read off card numbers over the phone.


Added security

Our virtual terminals provide access to encrypted tokens that allow you to run a client's card without storing the cardholder's data on your system. This protects you from liability and helps protect your customers' privacy and card information!


If you operate in the B2B space, then virtual terminals can help you take advantage of level II and III data! Learn how LVL II & III can save you money

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