Apple/Android Pay Support

Mobile Payments 

for the Win

Accepting mobile payments like Apple/Android Pay has never been easier. Guardian makes it simple to get started with this popular payment method.


Stay Relevant

Every day more and more people are using mobile payments for in-store purchases. In fact, the number has grown to 56% as of 2020! If you're looking to stay current with customers, mobile payments are definitely the way to go.


Customer Experience

When customers want to avoid pulling cash and credit cards out of their wallets, mobile payments are the most convenient alternative. By offering this modern convenience, you not only enhance your customers' experiences but also create greater brand loyalty. 


Added Security

Mobile payments offer a secure, touch-free way for customers to check out. Apple and Google both use tokenization, which creates a unique code with each purchase. This process offers the same enhanced security as a credit card chip, which protects a customer's identity and helps prevent chargebacks!

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